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Setup GIT repositories over HTTPD with LDAP and Local authentication on AIX systems.

What are we going to do?  Setup Apache server as frontend for Git repositories.  Use CGI program git-http-backend (, instead Dav, to serve the contents of a Git repository to Git clients accessing the repository over http:// protocol. Authenticate users … Continue reading

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Setup SVN with apache web-frontend authenticating LDAP active directory on AIX. (SVN + Apache + LDAP)

SVN (subversion) is widely use all over the world. Last week I had to setup some SVN repositories on AIX server. Here’s what I did: 1- Download and install subversion subversion-1.8.5-1.src.rpm from Take into account install all these dependencies … Continue reading

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How to authenticate ‘agents’ and ‘customers’ via LDAP/AD for OTRS (

Hi, Sorry the delay, but I’ve been really really busy lately. This week I had to setup LDAP authentication for agents and customers for our Open Source helpdesk software and an IT Service Management software  OTRS  server. This OTRS server … Continue reading

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Authenticate AIX using MS DC’s kerberos servers (Active Directory)

In your environment, it’s critical for auditors to have only one centralized source of users/passwords. There are tons of ways AIX can do this. The way I use is using Windows active directory’s kerberos servers. Here’s what I do: 1- … Continue reading

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