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Install and configure GIT repositories on AIX systems using yum

Assuming you have configured YUM on AIX systems as posted here Let’s install GIT packages from IBM’s repositories. Install GIT packages using yum. In this case, we’re going to install “git.ppc : Core git tools” package. Verifyng GIT binaries. … Continue reading

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Setup GIT repositories over HTTPD with LDAP and Local authentication on AIX systems.

What are we going to do?  Setup Apache server as frontend for Git repositories.  Use CGI program git-http-backend (, instead Dav, to serve the contents of a Git repository to Git clients accessing the repository over http:// protocol. Authenticate users … Continue reading

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Create memory resident filesystems (RAM disk) on AIX.

AIX supports memory-resident file systems. It can be used to maximize disk performance. It’s equivalent to Solaris tmpfs filesystem. NOTE: RAM disk doesn’t survive a reboot. Steps to create a RAM disk on AIX: Get size of real (online) memory. … Continue reading

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Calculate hdisk READ / WRITE throughput (sequential IO) from AIX systems.

Do you know the throughput of your disks? This time we’re going to calculate read / write throughput of hdisks from an AIX system. Let’s create a file for this test. Let’s make a sequential WRITE test. Now divide 2014 … Continue reading

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Working with Virtual media library on VIO servers.

Sometimes we need to map an ISO images to LPARs. Today we’re going to create a VM library, load ISO images and map them to LPARs. Just follow these steps Prerequisites: Download AIX’s iso files from IBM entitled software support. … Continue reading

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Last month, we noted errpt showing an error: A way to find what’s causing this error is using ‘lsmpio’ command to display detailed device statistics for the hdisks devices. NOTE: lsmpio command was introduce in AIX 7.1 TL3 and 6.1 … Continue reading

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Using AIX’s smitty tool in maintenance mode.

How to use System Management Interface Tool (smitty)  in maintenance mode? Just, got into maintenance mode and run: NOTEL: Take in mind Function (F) keys do not work here. in this case use <ESC><3> instead of <PF3>

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