Working with Virtual media library on VIO servers.

Sometimes we need to map an ISO images to LPARs. Today we’re going to create a VM library, load ISO images and map them to LPARs. Just follow these steps


  • Download AIX’s iso files from IBM entitled software support.
  • Copy ISO files to /home/padmin directory on one VIO server.
  • Create a virtual VSCI adapter on the LPAR and map it to VIO server (vhostX)
padmin@vios $ ls -ltr /home/padmin
total 16290920
-rw-r--r--    1 padmin   staff    4238082048 Jan 12 01:35 AIX71.iso
-rw-r--r--    1 padmin   staff    4088528896 Jan 13 00:37 AIX61.iso
  •  Check there’s nos repository already created.
padmin@vios $ lsrep
The DVD repository has not been created yet.
  •  Create a new 10GB size VM repository.
padmin@vios $ mkrep -sp rootvg -size 10G
Virtual Media Repository Created
Repository created within "VMLibrary" logical volume
  •  Verify status of repository.
padmin@vios $ lsrep
Size(mb) Free(mb) Parent Pool      Parent Size      Parent Free
   10198    10198     rootvg            285696           249344
padmin@vios $ df -g /var/vio/VMLibrary
Filesystem       GB blocks    Free    %Used  Iused %Iused  Mounted on
/dev/VMLibrary   10.00        9.96    1%     4     1%      /var/vio/VMLibrary
  • Create virtual optical disks inside the Virtual Media Repository.
padmin@vios $ mkvopt -name AIX61 -file /home/padmin/AIX61.iso -ro
padmin@vios $ mkvopt -name AIX71 -file /home/padmin/AIX71.iso -ro
padmin@vios $ ls -l /var/vio/VMLibrary
total 16262912
-r--------    1 root     staff    4088528896 Feb 07 09:38 AIX61
-r--------    1 root     staff    4238082048 Feb 07 09:41 AIX71
drwxr-xr-x    2 root     system          256 Feb 07 09:35 lost+found
  •  Displays information about the Virtual Media Repository.
padmin@vios $ lsrep
Size(mb)  Free(mb) Parent Pool         Parent Size      Parent Free
10199     2257     rootvg                571392           488960

Name              File Size   Optical      Access
AIX61.iso               3900     None          ro
AIX71.iso               4042     None          ro
  • If you need to increase repository size use chrep command.


padmin@vios $ chrep -size 4G
  • Verify status of the increased VM repository.


padmin@vios $ lsrep
Size(mb) Free(mb) Parent Pool Parent Size Parent Free
14278 6336 rootvg 285696 245248

Name   File Size  Optical  Access
AIX61       3900     None      ro
AIX71       4042     None      ro
  •  Let’s crate a File Backed Optical Device for a particular LPAR mapped on vhost0
padmin@vios $ mkvdev -fbo -vadapter vhost0
  • Now let’s load the image from the VML into vtopt0.
padmin@vios $ loadopt -vtd vtopt0 -disk AIX61
padmin@vios $ lsvopt
VTD             Media                                                 Size(mb)
vtopt0          AIX61                                                     3900
  • Just verify vhost has being mapped correctly.


padmin@vios $ lsmap -vadapter vhost0
SVSA            Physloc                            Client Partition ID
--------------- -------------------------------------------- ------------------
vhost0          U8406.70Y.06E04FA-V1-C7                   0x00000010

VTD                   vtopt0
Status                Available
LUN                   0x8100000000000000
Backing device        /var/vio/VMLibrary/AIX61
Mirrored              N/A
  • To unload the image. Try this:


padmin@vios $ unloadopt -vtd vtopt0
NOTE: If the CD device is locked by the client, use the -release flag to remove the reserve, and ran again the command

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