Reconfigure RSCT ID to fix DLPAR issues on cloned AIX systems.


ON AIX systems, RMC daemons are part of the Reliable, Scalable Cluster Technology (RSCT). They allows the HMC to communicate with a managed logical partition to do DLPAR operations. But, when we clone an AIX system, for example using mksysb, RSCT ID is not reconfigured and of course, DLPAR is not working anymor.

To solve thsi issue, you need to reconfigure RSCT ID. FOllwo this steps to fix this issue.

1- Get RSCT ID (before change it).

[root@aix:/] cat /etc/ct_node_id

2- Reconfigure RSCT ID on AIX client.

[root@aix:/] /usr/sbin/rsct/install/bin/uncfgct -n
[root@aix:/] /usr/sbin/rsct/install/bin/cfgct

3- Verify RSCT ID (after change it)

[root@aix:/] cat /etc/ct_node_id

4- Restart RMC on AIX client.

[root@aix:/] /usr/sbin/rsct/bin/rmcctrl -z
[root@aix:/] /usr/sbin/rsct/bin/rmcctrl -A
[root@aix:/] /usr/sbin/rsct/bin/rmcctrl -p

5- Wait 5 min and check again RMC connection between HMC or FSM.

5- From AIX, check conenction wirh HMC/FSM.

[root@aix:/] ->  lsrsrc IBM.MCP
Resource Persistent Attributes for IBM.MCP
resource 1:
        MNName            = ""    <---- AIX client IP
        NodeID            = 4273918179149062022
        KeyToken          = "FSMPureflex"       <---- HSM/FSM HOSTNAME
        IPAddresses       = {""}  <---- HSM/FSM IP
        ConnectivityNames = {""}  <---- AIX client IP
        HMCName           = "7955-01M*13FFFFBB"
        HMCIPAddr         = ""    <---- HSM/FSM IP
        HMCAddIPs         = ""    <---- HSM/FSM IP
        HMCAddIPv6s       = "fd0a:bb18:7987:0:42f2:e9ff:fe58:46ba,fe80::42f2:e9ff:fe58:46ba,fd79:32b2:e57:0:42f2:e9ff:fe58:46bb,fe80::42f2:e9ff:fe58:46bb"
        ActivePeerDomain  = ""
        NodeNameList      = {"aix_hostname"}



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