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Find out which port the daemon is using on AIX OS. (similar like command netstat -anp for Linux)

How to find which port TCP or UDP are being used by daemons on AIX OS. For TCP protocol: See an example: For UDP protocol: See an example: Just thanks if the post was helpful 🙂

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Easiest way to install apache (httpd) 2.2 and its dependencies, on AIX 6.1 , in only one step

I want to share with you, how I installed Apache web server ( on AIX 6.1 last week using rpms from Apache (httpd) rpm file for AIX OS, has a lot of dependencies, so I have created a single … Continue reading

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Setup SVN with apache web-frontend authenticating LDAP active directory on AIX. (SVN + Apache + LDAP)

SVN (subversion) is widely use all over the world. Last week I had to setup some SVN repositories on AIX server. Here’s what I did: 1- Download and install subversion subversion-1.8.5-1.src.rpm from Take into account install all these dependencies … Continue reading

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SAN zoning scenarios when components failed based on IBM Pureflex system, dual VIOS, NPIV, FC switches and V7000 storage.

Working on a fully IBM environment for some years,I asked to my self, whet happens with zoning of my LPARs if I lost a vioserver, a FC switch, or a controler (node) on the storage system. You will find here, … Continue reading

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How to authenticate ‘agents’ and ‘customers’ via LDAP/AD for OTRS (

Hi, Sorry the delay, but I’ve been really really busy lately. This week I had to setup LDAP authentication for agents and customers for our Open Source helpdesk software and an IT Service Management software  OTRS  server. This OTRS server … Continue reading

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