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Mirroring session (TTY) on AIX using portmir.

Sometimes we want to see the screen of the session of another user in, order to solve any problem remotely. Portmir is an interesting AIX’s command and help us to achieve this. Portmir is part of bos.sysmgt.serv_aid filand filesetis and … Continue reading

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Install and configure GNU watch (gwatch) on AIX.

GNU’s Linux have an interesting command ‘GNU watch’ which its main function is not to watch your wife while you’re at work (Just kidding), its function is to  execute a program periodically, showing output fullscreen. Interesting? Yes! How many … Continue reading

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Monitor logfiles and command output on AIX using multitail.

Most applications, like operating systems, have their own logs files. Sometimes, we need to see them at the same time to troubleshoot issues. Here’s when multitail ( can help us. This tool can be installed on an AIX box. You … Continue reading

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SSH-COPY-ID on AIX. SSH remote AIX’s box without password.

I’m sure most unix administrators knows the utility ‘ssh-copy-id’  part of OpenSSH. It’s very useful when we need to exchange SSH keys between hosts. This simple shell script is available on most Linux distros, but it’s not available on AIX.  … Continue reading

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Authenticate SSH/SFTP’s CentOS 6.3 using MS DC’s kerberos servers (Active Directory)

This is my way to authenticate SSH/SFTP on  CentOS 6.3 Entreprise using Active directory’s kerberos servers. Requisites: – Users on local host must have the exact name as users on windows AD’s. – Kerbero’s udp/tcp ports should be openned between … Continue reading

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