oslevel shows wrong AIX’s level. Why?

Sometimes we see our AIX box with a lower oslevel than it really have. Why?

This is due to filesets with a lower level than the system have. What happened?

Let explain that with an example.

Today I have installed AIX 7.1 TL3 SP1 on my box.

‘oslevel’ command shows:

# oslevel -s

Everything is OK but months later I have noted oslevel command shows a lower level. In this case AIX7.1 TL0 SP10, see:

# oslevel -s

What’s going on?

Let’s check which Technology level (TL) my box has installed:

# oslevel -samples
oslevel -r
Known Recommended Maintenance Levels

It says it has 4 TLs and the latest is TL3 when ‘oslevel -s’ command says it has TL0.

So, checking ‘man oslevel’, there are an option ‘-rl’ for ‘oslevel’ command  that means:
    To list which software is below AIX Version 5.3 technology level 1, type:
           oslevel -r -l 5300-01

Running ‘oslevel’ with this option, we’ll see which filesets are causing my oslevel lower:

# oslevel -rl 7100-03
Fileset                                 Actual Level           Recommended ML

In this case, fileset xlsmp.rte  needs to be updated from version  to in order to up to level TL3.

Finally we update OS level from NIM or other media, as shown below:

                    Pre-installation Verification...
Verifying selections...done
Verifying requisites...Verifying requisites...done

  Filesets listed in this section passed pre-installation verification
  and will be installed.

  Selected Filesets
   xlsmp.rte  # SMP Runtime Library
  << End of Success Section >>

                   BUILDDATE Verification ...
Verifying build dates...done
    1  Selected to be installed, of which:
        1  Passed pre-installation verification
    1  Total to be installed

  Estimated system resource requirements for filesets being installed:
                (All sizes are in 512-byte blocks)
      Filesystem                     Needed Space             Free Space
      /usr                                   72                6963016
      -----                            --------                 ------
      TOTAL:                                 72                6963016

Now, it’s time to run again ‘oslevel -s’ command and verify it’s OK.

# oslevel -s

Just thanks if the post was helpful 🙂


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