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Install and configure GNU’s screen on AIX.

Sometimes we have only one terminal to an AIX system and we need to open multiples logins to make parallel tasks. This is where GNU screen ( comes to play.  I use ‘GNU screen’ also tu run a long tasks … Continue reading

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oslevel shows wrong AIX’s level. Why?

Sometimes we see our AIX box with a lower oslevel than it really have. Why? This is due to filesets with a lower level than the system have. What happened? Let explain that with an example. Today I have installed … Continue reading

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Authenticate AIX using MS DC’s kerberos servers (Active Directory)

In your environment, it’s critical for auditors to have only one centralized source of users/passwords. There are tons of ways AIX can do this. The way I use is using Windows active directory’s kerberos servers. Here’s what I do: 1- … Continue reading

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How do I analyze and debug core files on AIX.

Sometimes, applications stop working and crash for any reason. A core file appears in scene. First, we’re going  to set a PATH for all cores files on the system  using syscorepath command. In order to do this, We’re going to: … Continue reading

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Script to make mksysb backup from NIM to LPAR

Make mksysb backup for your rootvg to NIM is very important. It can save your life sometimes 🙂 This simple script is executed on NIM side and it make the mksysb backup image of your LPAR. ALso it will create … Continue reading

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Check connection (rsh or nimsh) between NIM server and LPAR.

NIM server needs to be connected with LPARs, either using rsh or nimsh protocol. In case this communcation is lost, mksysb backups or other tasks from NIM to this lpar will fail. So, I have made this simple script to … Continue reading

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Script to reset NIM state and deallocate resources

Sometimes we need to reset the state of a lpar on our NIM server. You can use smitty, but it’s simpler to use a shell script. First, we check the which NIM resources our LPAR has inside NIM: As you … Continue reading

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